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Finding my new role as... MUM

Moving from the UK to Australia was a big thing but I did it at a young age, with no kids and not really any major belongings.

My boyfriend and I at the time (now my husband), owned a flat in London but we rented that and just came with suitcases. We shipped about 4 packing boxes and post Scotland Yard Interview where we were informed those were absolutely gone for good we basically had sweet F.A.

Shocking start, YES, Pressure to make it work, ZERO.

Roll on 16 years and it is 2016. I am married, have 2 kids that love our life where we are, a dog a gorgeous house and some amazing friends. My brother that I have been apart from for 16 years+ has moved to Australia and is pregnant (well his fiance is) AND I run a very successful business with another growing rapidly beside it.

Not to blow my own trumpet but I was good at what I did work wise and not only had lots of people come to me for mentoring but I also spoke at multiple business events on the subject. To my close friends I was the person they know they can lean on. 

Why tell you all this? Both of those qualities were things I treasured and got a huge buzz from in sharing with others. They made me feel of value and service to the world around me.. Not to mention that bringing in money to the bank account I share with my husband was something I was proud about.

So what happens when your husband wants to move to the U.S for a new adventure? Well that story is here but this blog post is about my story after that move..

I sold my business and overnight became 'JUST' Mum or should I say MOM..

Not only was I adjusting to life in a new country but I suddenly didn't work. I had never had home help, family around or even a regular cleaner during my working days so the house keeping was nothing new but not working was ABSOLUTELY out of my comfort zone.

I struggled, there was no validation of my value in being asked to lecture to others on a subject. 
I had no one asking for advice as I knew more than them. 
I suddenly knew why I had lost one of my girlfriends friendships back in the day. 
I felt insignificant.
I felt like a groundhog day slave.

It is one year later now and I LOVE my role as 'Mum'. I have new value and feel more of worth that EVER before.

I slowly brought structure back into my day and created work goals within my new job. 

I had a couple of new people to answer too.. I was still my own boss but I needed to be of service to a new group of people or events

My kids and husbands wellbeing, our dog's exercise, my children's personal growth, the ability to volunteer at school, enabling extra curricular activities and lastly my own passion for fitness.

I went back to my calendar and created a schedule just like I had at work. I gave myself structure and I started to focus on the amazing things I now had time to do that I didn't when I was working.

The simplest of things now give me the buzz I used to get from mentoring and lecturing alongside running a business.

Being able to explain things calmly until my little guys get the importance instead of being frustrated and just glossing over the subject with 'oh whatever' as I don't have time. I am working on them from the inside out..

Taking them to sports and actually watching.. then hiking with the kids and their dog after school instead of having them IN after school care and seeing the happiness it creates in those little faces.

Researching Plant Powered eating and taking our diet to new levels where we can count on one hand how many take aways we have had since. Where we are all leaner, stronger and more knowledgable.

I realise now what value I have found in being a Mum and JUST a Mum, how much pride I take in nourishing my family with food that prolongs their future and has them all looking and feeling better than ever.. I used to place my value on what I was adding to the bank account but now I see another world and I kinda love it!!

Have you made the transition? One way or the other? How did you go with it? 

Visiting Palm Springs.. the TRUTH..

Palm Springs Baby!!.. I assumed it was a vibrant, hip and happening place in the desert. How could I not when all the images you ever see are mid century funkiness in pinks and pastels?

Well the houses ARE mid century and there IS a huge amount of fabulous colours BUT it is a huge area that is really spread out and is mainly residential, with a large portion of those residents being retired alongside the heat for most of the year it results in 60% of the year being rather like a ghost town.

We went there for a 'downtime' holiday so it was perfect. We had a full week in a house with a pool and just chillaxed with a visit to Joshua Tree and Salvation Mountain, an afternoon at Wet n Wild, Movies and Dinner out a couple of times.

The first morning I went for a run at 7am and I nearly died by 8am from heat.

The second day I left at 5.45am and laughed my head off as EVERYONE was out and about walking their dogs, doing their exercise and mowing lawns etc.

I had found out the secret.. get up early, get outdoors then spend the day by the pool or in the air con.

There are amazing places to hike and visit close by but we chose the Joshua Tree and went for Sunset. It was magical. I wonder whether I would go back to hike there but to be honest as the terrain is very dry and rocky I would prefer to hike where the plants and growth changes more dramatically over the seasons.

Salvation Mountain is in the middle of nowhere and hotter than hot in the Summer but oh so weird and wacky. It is a shrine to God and feels like some whacky kids program film set. We loved it just for the happy vibes and random location.

The Palm Springs Tramway is like going to another world and SO beautiful. You get up 2.5 miles about the desert and it is cooler and greener with these amazing views across the desert. A total must in my book if you like being amongst nature and climbing rocks.

Lastly if you have kids, Wet n Wild. It is small but fab. On an afternoon you can go in after 3pm for a reduced price and that is more than enough time to get around all the rides for sure.

I need to show you the other places we have been since I took my break from blogging.. anyone else coming San Francisco way soon? 

Do message me :)


I have posted this baby on two occasions on Instagram and always get requests for the recipe as my kids demolish mine and it appears others do not on the version they are making..

One piece of important advice... DO NOT skip out draining the juice from the zucchini.. DO NOT..


6 tablespoons Ground Flaxseed
1/4 (160ml) cup warm water

1 Sweet Apple
1/4 (160ml) cup warm water
1/4 cup (160 ml) melted Coconut Oil
1 1/3 cups (266 g) Cane Sugar
4 Normal Size Zucchini

3 cups (384 g) Whole Wheat Four
1/4 tsp Baking Soda
1 tbsp Baking Powder
1 tbsp Cinnamon
1 tbsp Salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C) and lightly spray a bread tin

Make the flaxseed egg by mixing the Ground Flaxseed with the 1/4 cup of warm water and set aside
Create Applesauce by blitzing your apple with 1/4 cup of warm water in a high powered blender.
Add that flaxseed egg, the coconut oil and sugar until combined.
Grate your Zucchini and squeeze out the excess water then add to your mix.
Add the flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon and salt (preferably sifted) over the wet
and combine them all REALLY well.

Pour it all combined into your bread tin and bake for around 50 minutes.

Tip your loaf out and let it rest on a rack, only slice once cooled and if you want to turn it into a desert it is AMAZING with a simple Vanilla Soy Ice Cream.

Do you have a favourite loaf? 

lemonade lusts : salihah moore

When you come across an artist and bookmark her website for a personal purchase then walk into a shop a fortnight later and they same artist is stocked there, I would call that a sign. Well I ignored it and then had her crop up at a friends house and AGAIN on another website.

Lets just say I am pretty sure I need to own some Salihah Moore. Salihah is an artist and designer of hand beaded jewellery and wall hangings. 

Originally from California, Salihah developed a deep love affair with the ocean, sand, flora and fauna of the Pacific coast. Working with the seed beads reminds her of sifting through sand grains as a child and being in awe of the hues and variations.

All her weavings are hand sewn at her home studio in Boulder, Colorado with a needle and thread using Czech and Japanese glass seed beads. 

You can find her whole collection HERE...

2 Podiums in 3 weeks.. what did I do?!

Taking up trail running was not a new thing for me as The Northern Beaches of Sydney certainly have their fair share but the elevations here around Marin Headlands where I live are a tad different..

In training for a 50k race you have to get out there and do some intermediate distances in the time leading up to the big date. I did a 30k and a 21k around a month apart and got 1st and 2nd place in my age group.

I will not claim for a second that I would ever have expected it, but now that I have it has caused me to reflect and see what I did right and differently over my past races.

I truly think it has been a combination of things..

RUNNING : Of course, gradually growing the miles/ km's on my feet per week is the first part (once I have finished my 50k I will share my schedule in case it is of use to anyone)..

REFORMER PILATES : Having a strong core and building my leg strength was HUGE for maintaining strength when I hit the hills on those trails

YOGA : I have never bothered to be diligent with stretching whilst training so doing a full hour Yoga Class twice a week was amazing and protected me from injury I am sure

HIKING : On trail runs you can never run the same pace as you do on road races, the hills are super steep and you just have to walk some of them but walking them with strength and holding a decent pace means you really loose very little time but you 100% save your heart rate and core temperature from rising past a point you find it hard to get it back down from

MEDITATION : I will admit I have not been doing this the whole time but the wording is the simplest explanation I have for taking the time to focus on mental clarity a few times a week. On the tough parts of the race my inner monologue was strong and powerful as I had a huge bank of previous positive thoughts I had used as my daily practice.

DIET : I do have to give credit to going plant based for a certain part as quite simply I have never recovered so easily from such a decent load of training activity.
Are you training for anything at the moment? What do you find gives you the most results?