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From our Family's Federation to our Wonderful Weatherboard

Well I have shown you my daughter and sons nursery from our last house and thought I would finish off by showing you the house as a whole before I get back to dreaming and creating my current one and sharing those dreams and finds with you...
 From our favourite little Federation to our already well loved Weatherboard.. over the next month I will take you inside. I hope you love it as much as we do xx

Creamy Dreamy Cottages...

I would love to live in a massive old schoolhouse/barn/church and have an interior in Dulux Hogwash with as many Belgium Linens as I could lay my hands on... vintage pieces, lots of wood and tonnes of flowers. Not much to ask for hey? The house below is to die for... take me now...I'm yours..

images via
 A Louis in the bathroom is decadence but in the kitchen?! Sheer brilliance. Excuse me while I just go and search Domain... Happy Dreaming xx

Little Ladies...

My daughter had a few of her best little buddies around this morning and whilst their mothers and I were relishing the silence, little did we know they were creating absolute carnage.... They emptied every item they could lay their hands on and stuffed each piece under her bed. Kitty's room is very organised and everything has a place so it took no time to put back but did have me wondering why I created such a pretty place for my little lady * mild shake of head with rolling of eyes *. Above are my future inspirations and below is my little ladies boudoir xx

Images courtesy of Sixx Design, me and Living etc UK

Mauve Monday

I love subtle colours and find rooms with a strong colour hue very tempting.. I simply don't have enough rooms and then worry that if you go to far it is very hard to change...however these rooms could have me on a different train of thought..

Images courtesy of Living etc UK, Sixx Design and French Vogue
 I mean who couldn't spend hours wasting time in this garden room?

Sunday Roast...

Glass of Running with Bulls anyone?
 On Sundays, whatever the weather, all I can think about is a yummy roast dinner...I am after all English. So today my thoughts flood back to my recent trip to The Cut Bar & Grill in the Rocks, Sydney. It is a steak house of sorts but above and beyond most you would have ever frequented and the decor is to die for...
It has a Gentleman's club feel with the very masculine large marble tables, leather benches and cowhide studded chairs BUT a few soft velvet chairs, lots of candles and wide selection of fabulous lampshades (all ensuring perfect mood lighting is created) have females feeling welcome yet like they are part of something more exclusive.. and then you go to the ladies room to powder your nose ...

and there you have meat cleavers for main handles, knifes for cubicle closures and an old fashioned larder wall decal as your surroundings...Superb!!.. Aesop handwash to finish off and I had a grin on my face for hours.

My First Nursery

My daughter came along nearly 4 years ago and I was filled with a million ideas of what to do with her room.. I still am!!. We went neutral walls and added colour through her accessories (most made by Mum to be... Me) 
Her mirror is from lightly and the cushions were Target. I painted an ikea step pink then white then sanded back a layer or so in parts. The growing chart and hairclip holder were homemade projects (easey peasey) and her little wall hangers are from Jamaica..
I had her tee pee made up in denim as I was sure I would have a boy at some stage and wanted it to be transferable around the house..
The butterflies were copied from a mag as when I went to the shop to buy them I found out they were $9 each and in just simple card so I got Japanese papers and card and made my own.
Hanging clothes is always a cheap and cute decor tip, my mirror was an eBay find and the butterfly mobile is Tiger Tribe

I am always happy to share tips on anything I have made so please just ask... I have never spent much money on my kids rooms as then I know I can afford to change them more often which is where I have the most fun...Hope you are having a fab weekend... I am jazzing up my work corner this weekend to share at a later date xx

...and then to dream

A stunning table runner from Elkhorn Design
Polly George Necklace please..
Famille Summerbelle London Paper Cut Print
Sofas from Coco Republic
A pretty egg from Mrs Peterson
A childhood evoking picture by David Bromley

So these are my coveted items....there are many more (of course) and we are thinking of investing in the bottom print for the kids using money from their bank as its doing nothing right now... have any of you invested for your children?

And so to bed....

I am a long way from having a sleep in past 7am in my life (my rugrats are 2 and 3!) but it does not mean I can dream about beautiful spaces... I love my bedroom as is but it is still evolving and I need more linens, lamps and flowers in my life!.. It is clear from  my selection I am a neutrals in the bedroom girl but I love a dash of colour which you will see when I post my ACTUAL bedroom next month..

Passion for Papaya

I had a long busy day yesterday but had noticed a Papaya Store had opened in Mosman so just before I picked up the rugrats I dropped in for a viewing..

The styling is simple, the ideas are on such a neutral palette they would suit all our homes and the price is actually very fair... a lot of the items are so unique that they would sit well as a statement piece but I could happily buy most of the the little birdies and the coral in the hurricane lamps on stands!!