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Addicted to the "Novogratz" Max..

Since having my own children I find creating fabulous spaces for kids far more exciting than other rooms, not to say I don't dream about the other spaces but they are my priority as I seem to get the most pleasure from creating them and they can evolve and change so regularly unlike other rooms.

I was always a fan of The Novogratz Duo but after actually seeing them on 9 by design I had to rush out and buy Downtown Chic. I read it slowly and with Joshua's  photos and their fab candid writing it left me wanting to paint the house white and start all over again..


  1. Your taste is inspiring, glad I bumped into your it,Bek/Minky&me

  2. Oh thank you Bek...I am just so jealous that they lead the life I should have had LOL xx

  3. They truly are a stellar team and I loved '9 by Design' too.
    Thanks for this little bit of Novogratz love.

    xx Felicity

    PS: Do you know they have a FB page with regular updates - the kids are growing - Five is six!


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