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...and then to dream

A stunning table runner from Elkhorn Design
Polly George Necklace please..
Famille Summerbelle London Paper Cut Print
Sofas from Coco Republic
A pretty egg from Mrs Peterson
A childhood evoking picture by David Bromley

So these are my coveted items....there are many more (of course) and we are thinking of investing in the bottom print for the kids using money from their bank as its doing nothing right now... have any of you invested for your children?


  1. nice finds tess. like the painting idea too. could be a wise investment. we have gone done very trad route and invested in an education savings plans for use in over years years time. ;) xx

  2. Well we did it...bought the exact picture I out on the blog.. figured the money was given them as gift type purchase so it should be a material item.. guess that leaves us stressing about the education cashola...oops :o(

  3. Thanks for stopping by! So pleased you bought this print I ADORE Bromley and am totally envious as would love to make an investment in one of his stunning prints.
    So funny Maggie was my other girls name! There's really defined tastes when it comes to names isn't there. We must have the same.
    Really enjoyed reading your blog xx

  4. The last painting really speaks to me. I love it. David's work is amazing.


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