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Excercising the right to do it in style....

Ok so I am a little bit of a health nut, no don't go thinking macro this and macro that I mean just blood sweat and tears stuff (3 Ironman's under my belt) ...gruesome or cathartic...just depends on which school of thought you attend.

Anyhow whilst I get a buzz from training a lot of gyms are less than inspiring..well check this out!!..take me home to London Town where I can find Lomax Bespoke Fitness. Not only is it gorgeous to look at it is funky, personal AND I can have a massage after my PT session!!...Bring it on!!

Small disclaimer needed...There is large amount of pride hidden behind this blog as my brother is one of the trainers....he's cute too...but taken...Sorry girls 'n boys x


  1. What a lovely post - thank you very much and yes he is a Very 'cute' trainer!!!

    Thank you for the words of support

    Jonny (Lomax)

  2. I am definitely not some who partakes of such exertions anymore, but this may tempt even me back into the gym. Amazing place guys and gals.

  3. If you want me to credit your photographer Jonny just send me his details x

  4. right well tess, as you know me and exercise don't gel or just don't know each other well at all. however, this kind of amazingly designed gym, would probably get me in, even if it was to sit and enjoy the interiors!!!.. looks amazing, well done to your bro and co. xx mel wilkins


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