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Leander Loving..

So it's time to introduce you to my place... My family is my be all and end all so I had the best time creating the kids rooms when they came along. Firstly this was Harrington's Nursery..The Leander Bassinete was a 2nd hand luxury piece from eBay and the trunk I found on the street and cleaned and sealed it.
 I created him a tree which I copied from The Inke Tree but I used metallic paint and some vintage wallpaper from eBay.. the birdhouse has a little light in it and was a Bunnings  Special and Mr Hoot came from The Small Woods
 Our Wardrobe was from eBay (again) and Dad sanded it back and gloss painted it then I changed the handles.. cars from Tiger Tribe and shelves filled with gifts..
He quickly outgrew the bassinete (his Grandpa is 6ft 6!) and moved into his cot and I got some fab Room Seven cushion covers in a mega sale locally.. It was a small room but as they don't need much its no big deal.. I'll post his toddler room next week and get to Kitty's Nursery later this week x

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