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Little Ladies...

My daughter had a few of her best little buddies around this morning and whilst their mothers and I were relishing the silence, little did we know they were creating absolute carnage.... They emptied every item they could lay their hands on and stuffed each piece under her bed. Kitty's room is very organised and everything has a place so it took no time to put back but did have me wondering why I created such a pretty place for my little lady * mild shake of head with rolling of eyes *. Above are my future inspirations and below is my little ladies boudoir xx

Images courtesy of Sixx Design, me and Living etc UK


  1. hahah it was a mess, but a beautiful stylish mess. future interior trend setters in the making lol xx

  2. the fact that when you entered it appeared not too bad was once the bed was emptied out from under I actually wondered where it had all come from!!.. It was worth it for the silence prior to finding xx

  3. Can I ask where you got that rug from? I have been searching high and low for one just like that.


  4. Bel, thanks for stopping by...It is an IKEA special xx


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