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Fun in the Sun...

Whilst the photographer was busy today I just hung in the Garden with my other baby "Obi"..he is a dog before you think it is a pretty wild name for a kid. Well whilst I love our veggie patches and flowerbeds etc, what I love more is watching the kids play and got me thinking what other little wonderlands I could create for them..

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I have a couple of Palms I could do the sandpit under.. as for the skate ramp.. err.. nah... sorry Harrington. We have a cubby and trampoline already but nothing like the next set... my kids would go crazy for those cubbies

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Do you have any cute play ideas for kids?...always looking for new things..


  1. I don't think I would ever see my kids ever again if they had any of these..LOVE images 1 and 3.

    My 3rd old has seen these pics, and is now asking for an orange cubby house!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. love love love the cubby houses!!

  3. Every child wants a cubby house! It’s a special place for children to let their imaginations run wild and dream, their dreams. A cubby house is also, a perfect place, for children to build social skills and develop strength, all in the safety of your own backyard.


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