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I feel the need...

...the need to race again... I went on a long ride the other day, my first long ride since having my children. The last ride I did on my bike was Ironman Japan on May 25th 2006 (3.5k swim, 180k Cycle, 42.2k Marathon Run) so it has been a while and whilst I have been training in between a 3hr bike ride had me cream crackered to say the least. I rode out to West Head and had these gorgeous views to keep me motivated at half way..

Anyhow whilst I was cruising along I dropped down to the tri bars for a racing position and immediately got the bug (Fitness sorta runs in the family)... I yearned for the adrenalin of racing, the butterflies before race and most of all the euphoria of the finishers chute. So I will find myself a race to do by the end of the year and between now and then just race some individual races of the three disciplines required

These pics are 3 years of hard yakka training and pure dedication but the pride in saying I have completed an Ironman is worth every second of pain (and I did a few in the end)... Next stop Noosa in May for an Ocean Swim and Run Race then time to train for the Sydney Marathon. Have you got any secret desires to do something you have never done before? Or are you like me planning to get back to some pastimes that got forgotten along the way?...

I'm linking up over here as this is such a great way for me to go from Drab to Fab!!


  1. Wow I am impressed! Good for you for keeping up with sports like that! I wish I were a sports-girl like in the past but I am not anymore. I would love though to put some exercise in my life again like biking or fast walking. Here in the island is ideal to work out. I am so motivated by those pics of you!


  2. Aw thanks Tatiana... It's never easy but always worthwhile x


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