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It's Sold!!!

One of our closest family friends sold their house yesterday and not a day too soon as they were about to pull their hair out from maintaining a show home with two young, very active children!!..Now I need to find a House Warming Pressie for the new place!..What do you think?

             Do I get them a wonderful piece from the gorgeous Miss Jones?

                               This cute swing from Left Hand Make?

                                   A cushion from Bearded Pigeon

                          A talking piece letter from Fromage La Rue?

                 Or my ever favourite, a wonderful tea pot with cute cups from Sam Robinson?


  1. Thank you for featuring the My Bearded Pigeon cushions- much appreciated- but if money were no object I would be going with the illuminated E. Hands down. love it so much it hurts.

  2. It is oh so cool...they have nothing to do with E in their names though and probably a little out of my price range for this one! xx

  3. I love those pillows and the tea pot! I would choose among these I guess :)))

  4. Bit of a fan of the pears, i think i've eaten a dozen pears this weekend, delicious in every way, shape & form. Love Posie

  5. I'm a fan of giving a gift certificate to a local restaurant. No worry over trying to cook while unpacking.

  6. @ Rosie.. She has to wait for a pear as I what one for my house first, cheeky but true.

  7. @ Beach House Living... Fab idea.. Was planning Lasage's etc but am sure the local would be a welcome exit from box chaos at home!


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