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Leave no spaces..

I have some spaces on my walls so have been looking for inspiring print or artworks to fill them. Its not so much about the subject matter for me but more what emotion looking at a picture evokes. Serenity, a Memory or a Cheshire Cat Grin are my main requirements.. These guys passed the test..

 I especially like the Boxer pic from Superstudio as I have a tan fella called Obi just like this one

I keep meaning to pop to Surry Hills to see some of Kira Jamison's pieces as I find them pretty magnetic

I have always loved street prints as I have one from where I lived in the UK and Burbia do the Aussie ones

Now Kerri of Driftwood Interiors had me at hello with her Ginger Jars but sice that first sighting has been featured in Martha Stewarts mag so now she is a must have in any ones books!!

Pop me use some of my favourite colour styles and can do a customised piece from one of your photos so am thinking of getting one done of the kids..

I already have the bedtime bus roll print from My Sweet Prints but am loving the Home Sweet Home one as next on my hit list.. and if Janette can do the bus roll in different colours it would suit my mates bathroom too...

Last but by no mean least is Sweet William... I have more than a few covets in this selection, one for by my desk, another for Kittys's room and I am sure I can find more space...somewhere xx


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my prints Tessa! And I can customise the colours on the Bus rolls (any of my prints for that matter)!
    So nice to see my friends Kerri (driftwood) and Suzie (pop me) featured too!
    Thanks again,

  2. Superb, good to hear as I love it in the bathroom but her new kids one is to be all neutrals and was thinking once she is in to provide some colour with one but black a bit to harsh with no other colours. Will wait until she moves in and see what her accessories are in that room xx

  3. Oh, aren't you lovely? Thanks for the shout-out, and nice to see the lovely Janette featured too. And i've just found a few new shops that I need to check out as well! K xx


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