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Light the way...

How amazing is it what a well placed light can do for a room or even just how switching one on can light your day... I have an old favourite I bought from Heals of London about 18 yrs ago in my daughters room and am looking for a new one for by my desk....

This m2matiz is my firm fave for my desk, a little love from me to me
This would be fab in a bedroom
I have coveted an Arco Floor Lamp forever..
..and I need a staircase to hang a Monkey Boys through the middle
My Heals Lamp, 18yrs on...
Have you had any lamps that have stood the test of time ?


  1. that arc lamp is amazing. i mostly have cheap lamps in my home, finds from box stores, but i did snag a knock-off at a ross dress for less if you can believe it.

  2. I only have two in the house..the cloud one and a high street one but really need one by my desk and if I don't find a good one at a charity shop soon I am just going to buy the heart lightbox as I have liked it for a while...its mothers day soon x

  3. Hi Just discovered your blog. Looks great looking forward to following.


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