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Oooh Bobby...

I had a long day yesterday. I am really excited about a new project I am working on and it will be fabulous for so many people but is going to be a huge investment for me both time and money wise so when I am feeling a little despondent I just take a look at Bobby...I think he might cream in Grey too..

Images via

The last two are my favourites and I have so many more in my files, his book is gorgeous and the images always put me in a dreamy state in a matter of minutes. I do have another favourite or two but I'll save them for another tough day *wink*


  1. You are so sweet, what an honour...will pass it on tomorrow xx

  2. Oh, lovely photos! But I'm so sorry about your pooch :( I can imagine how you feel...I have two, both recently having had operations and illnesses...they're a beloved part of the family. It's wonderful, and a privilege, to have four-footed friends in our lives.
    Shayne (The Quiet House)

  3. Oh I am in love with this design and I love their designs!! I did a blog post on one of their designs today! thanks for posting this! sorry about your little doggie :( you've got a new blog reader.


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