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Photo Opportunity

"Lone Pine Cottage"
Today I need to get the house ready for a photo shoot tomorrow (not easy with the two rugrats) so have thought I would give you a quick peek at what it looks like through a normal lense (mine). Here it is...

Harrington's Room

Main Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
Kitty's Bedroom

Dining Room and My Office ;0)

Living Room
Deck from Living to Garden and Cubby House
 ok..back to the cleaning *sigh*


  1. That's very exciting news Tessa! I hope it all goes well tomorrow. Your house is stunning and so beautifully decorated so I'm sure it will be a wonderful shoot!
    Make sure you give us all the goss afterwards.

  2. Thats very sweet of you... Your bedtime bus roll always gets comments as in the kids bathroom which is our main usage one x

  3. Just found your blog and love it! Fantastic house.

  4. Thanks Rachael, alwaya nice to hear from anew follower. Makes the effort all that more worthwhile x

  5. Beautiful house! Loving your kitchen and those bar stools are totally on my wish list! I cant see the wedding dress pics... i'll keep searching though!

  6. Why thanks you... pics are on Facebook

    and stools came from Life Interiors..they are on line too xx


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