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Menage a Trois....

Today started so well (lovely run in the sun) and by lunch was one of the best ever...Our Bromley arrived. He even uses a butterfly logo to emboss his pieces (I love butterflies). Hubby and I bought the piece as an investment for our kids after a day visiting Bromley Arcade, If you live Sydney CBD and want to visit go soon as he is moving from his arcade below to a newer, bigger venue in Newport April/May time...I feel multiple visits for me as nice and close!

 I love all his work and am simply in love, this will be a very expensive love affair if it continues but luckily my husband is allowing this menage a trois, oh la la!!. This was an Ultimate Gift from us to our children xx


  1. What wonderful finds!! You have such a lovely blog here, so glad to have found you off made by girl. Newest Follower!

    Best, Tamra

  2. Beautiful, love it! Think may need to plan Oz trip to come along with you .... xxx


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