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Linen is my drug of choice..


I love these images so much I'm off to share them further...

If the shoe fits.... or even the bag....

Lush Leather and Stunning Suede.... Funky Feeling and Reasonably Romantic... Take a look at VIRR. My favourite of all is The Iscariot after all my current bag is a Mulberry Piccadilly Holdall....

Ok thats the shoe and then there are the most fabulous bags...

My favourite.... and I am in good company or so Lara Bingle thinks !!

Parcels in the Post...

I have received some wonderful little packages from some of my favourite sellers recently and was so happy to find that not only do they design gorgeous stuff but they package it with the same sort of love...It makes the world of difference don't you think?

Pea Press & 2Acorns

Well Spotted

Jessie Lauren
Sweet William

Sprout Gallery
Belle & Boo

Free Spirited in Fishtown

This is a re post from the day Blogger went down, sorry if you managed to view it that day but I loved the design so much I didn't want it deleted forever xx

Images via AT
 Oh it's all just too dreamy for me...massive open loft space, exposed bricks, natural wood, industrial touches and even an Old English Bulldog *Swoon*


I am currently adding to and re doing my little work corner.. I spend a fair bit of time there and know that in the next few months I will be virtually tied to it so figure it should be just me... my latest project was to add a mood board picture frame for me to play around with each month..
Classic Cheap Corkboard and Fab Vintage Travel Poster for a base

Wrap the poster over the board then some ribbons around and to the back
Add your favourite images of the moment

Check it looks good then find a place to paint..sunny preferably..

Protect the table and paint 2 coats..

After a light sand in various spots, glue the board and ribbons in place then seal the whole thing with masking tape
Wait until dry and ta da...simple xx

Graffitti Inspired...

A while ago I posted about buying my brother a fab Graffiti Style Limited Edition Print by the fab Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz fame..well I have been on the hunt for more Grafitti Art at a slightly more affordable price... ta da.... I am linking up today to spread the word...

The skateboards are probably my favourite closely followed by a split between the Mr T Singlet *what you lookin' at fool?* and the Geisha..I have a mild obsession with most things Japanese from Hello Kitty to the stunning Calligraphy.. Anyway.. Enjoy and pop on over to Rex & Poppy

And if you are more of a Pop Art kinda gal .... how about these groovemeister shoes by Art by Ella Jurotte

I have linked up with A Beach Cottage about you? xx

Noosa Lamington's...

Noosa have a special type of Lamington's...well Lamington actually as it is  a shop..
It has Vintage Pieces.. jewellery by Bird of Play, Verna & Hilda and Temono. Toys by Raggidy Rag Dolls, stationery from Poppies for Grace and to top it off Aesop was bliss and there was soooo much more!!