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Big Shout out to the one and only Uberkate..

I just wanted to say a special Thank you to Kate for getting my anniversary present for hubby sorted at short notice..I always like to do personalised things for special occasions (like my bus roll) and I Ummed and Ahhhed about whether we could afford it right now (what with our new project taking up all our cash) and then decided, blow it...we are going to be pretty skint for a while so lets have something special to show for it..

It says "from here to eternity" which was on a ring I gave him roughly 14 years ago and had worn off over the years as not as well embossed as the Uberkate pieces... you see he has to have a bot of Uber as my favourite piece is my Uber that never comes off my neck!... 

AND to top it all off she put me on to another talented and gorgeous gift for a special occasion in the form of Lisa Parsons from Beautiful Words

Kate has one she did for her hubby and it looks stunning on her wall at home. So once again Kate... Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again when I pick up my next order!! x

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