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I asked Tatiana to drop by....

Hello :)
This is Tatiana from {la boom! arts + crafts}!
Sweet Tessa asked me the other day to make a guest post on her blog.
I was thrilled!
I admire her blog, her aesthetics and her triathlon achievement of course ;)

Today I will share with you some links that I kept in my closet for a while that include my passion for paper :) So here we go!

Lately I am in love with:

Some Japanese paper art installations from Cybele Young

Some really fantastic paper sculptures from Sue Blackwell

Some really  detailed, imaginative and inspired work from Elsa Mora

Some amazing paper eyelashes from Paperself

Also, If you haven't read it yet you HAVE to go and take a look! The first issue of Paper Runway is on and it is awesome! Everything about paper from stationary to wrapping paper and from paper dolls to paper sculptures.


Tessa here, thanks Tatiana your talent with paperwork has not gone undetected by me either!!...see below guys...

I love Inspirational Office Spaces and Tatiana has some fab ones so I am going to post them this time next week xx

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  1. Thank you so much Tessa!!!
    I am honored :)))

    Have a great weekend and... have I told you I LOVE your Bromley? I have to get even a print someday :)


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