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Jessie and her Mum popped by.....

I happen to be very inspired by Jessie and her mothers relationship and talent, let alone the clear drive they both have that supports each other to do bigger and better I invited her over to have a chat.. Here is what she has to say...

From a young age, I have always love fashion. I was doing shabby chic at twelve years old and collecting vintage at thirteen, teen Vogue was my bible! I have decorate and re-decorated my room more times than you could imagine, I’m obsessed with beautiful things and collecting is my passion. My greatest influence in my life is my Mum, from the days working with her in her homewares store, inspired by her endless energy and evolving styles, its like riding a roller coaster, you just never quite keep up! It was mum who said I could leave school to follow my passion in the fashion industry; it was her that planted the seed to start my online business. Mum is my constant drive and source of inspiration; she has always told me that anything is possible. She has influenced me to follow my dreams and to love what I do. She says if I’m bored, fix it, change it or move on, life is for living and right now I’m doing what I love most.

Aside from Jessie Lauren I work at a national modelling agency, organising models for shoots and parades, right now we are beginning to plan for Fashion Week! I’m surrounded by creative and beautiful people and attend the most amazing events. Mum has always taught me to stay grounded and real, to be kind and giving and most importantly, to smile and be happy within.

Jessie Lauren was launched as an exciting eboutique of beautiful things, in both fashion and homewares. I want my customers to be wowed with unique pieces and most importantly my goal is to have exclusive pieces that can’t be purchased anywhere else. I am busy working on my own fashion brand of clothing and accessories; Spring will bring a lot of exciting fashion to my store.

I’m incredibly lucky to have mum, as a decorator/designer she has been working with me over the last few months designing a fantastic collection of Chinoisiere furniture through her business, Verandah House. All her products are made from natural rattan and painted in exciting fashion-forward colours. It’s important to me that we are always seen to be keeping ahead of the trends, whilst understanding that style and quality should never be compromised. We intend to manufacture most of our products whilst also supporting our local suppliers.

We have so much planned for Jessie Lauren over the coming months, it’s really exciting, and every week we intend to add new products to our boutique and soon pop up shops will be appearing around Brisbane. I hope you will visit us sometime,

Thanks for stopping by Jessie...its lovely to hear your story and I know everyone will wish you all the best for the future. I look forward to seeing all the new fabulous things as they arrive! xx


  1. Oh my god.That brown bag with the fringing is amazing! x

  2. Thanks so much Tessa! Your support means so much xx


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