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John and Ginger...

I have discovered this shop that is run by interior designer Tanya Mahoney and she has the most delicious taste for homewares that after years of waiting she now shares with the lucky visitors to her Freshwater shop..

I asked Tanya for her history as I knew an amazing shop like this does not spring out of no is created and it was just that..

 She said " I always admired British Colonial Style Houses from old movies and my first house I fell in love with was my sister's mother-in-law's house in Balmoral she had the most beautiful antiques. I moved to South Africa when I was 27 and there I walked into the shops that were absolutely breathtaking and magnificent and that changed me.

 My first shop was Cecile & Boyds, a gorgeous shop in South Africa. I studied Architectural Digest and Veranda and South African Conde Naste like bibles, Lived in Durban for 3 years, Shanghai for 3 years, Taiwan for 1.5 then to New Jersey for 4 years. So for 12 years I bought magazines (I have 100's), read them, studied decorators and visited so many beautiful homeware shops around the world and came back last year, found the shop (which was exactly what I style). I grew in Freshwater so it had a lot of sentimental value to me to somehow put Freshwater on the map.

 I love all types of decoration and I appreciate many styles and really love to mix it all up.....I think its the golden rule in decorating and that is to mix it all up.   I'm a fanatic, can't get enough of it but it did take 12 years to learn. I'm always studying magazines, still today...

 Some of Tanya's favourite designers are also some of mine so I will share those with you another day... the images from just her shop are enough of a delicacy for me today xx

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