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Peaceful Pastels..

The one thing I find amazing about nursery design is that are hardly any colours I don't like? Pastels for a girl are always my favourite as just seem calming but I think some of the dark brown with egg blue are simply delectable for a boy..

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I love the colour palette in this room reminds me of my first nursery, the wood floor adds warmth and that cupboard is firmly on my furniture envy list...


  1. Looks like a peaceful place for baby.

  2. Love that old cupboard too! Beautiful soft nursery.

  3. I love this room! I would totally use it as mine, no problem at all LOOOOOOOL

  4. Have just seen this little cupboard on Pinterest and even before I came through to your blog I KNEW it was Australian. Just something about the look of it. So, so gorgeous.


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