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Tatiana returns... and I pop out after...

So I promised I would show you the craft spaces that Tatiana had shared with me so here they are...

Atelier Pompadour

Happy Zombie



Marimerveille Loves

Memi The Rainbow


Mundo Flo

Princess Diorama

Something is Hiding in Here
How fabulous are all these spaces... I don't have a dedicated space for craft but now I really want one!! Thanks Tatiana, we would love to have you back anytime or maybe we will just come and see you in Greece and now we have finished sharing here you can come and find me over here where I was asked to guest post for Plushka xx


  1. Gorgeous pictures all over your blog. Love them. Found you from Pluska's blog. Am now going to snuggle on the couch going back through all of your old posts.

    This is me

  2. Oh so do do I... Enjoy Miss Monkey and Me... I am off to look at your website x

  3. I just love how everything looks against the white backgrounds. I'm so obsessed with white walls right now. x

  4. Thank you so much Tessa! It was a pleasure!
    You are welcome to Greece whenever you want :)

    p.s. I LOVED your post over at Pluska's :)

  5. Hi - found you via Katia at Plushka. Love your blog and all the wonderful little inspirations and anecdotes you share! I'm also guest blogging there on Wednesday! :) Will definitely stroll 'down this little lane' again! x
    ps. love these spaces

  6. after i am back home in japan, this is my have a wonderful craft space!!! they are fantastic!!! i have to start thinking more to make mine better...
    thanks for sharing.


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