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Thrifty Finds...

My favourite thing when I can find the time is to pop into the Charity Shops and current mission is to pretty up my desk as it is in a corner of my dining room but on view from the living room. I thought I would share my start here and over at 'Sophie's Flea Market Finds'

The little boy was just to cute to pass up...the globe I adore as my family are split between the US, UK and Australia so I love showing my daughter where they all are and the books are perfect..London is my hometown and Biggles was my first dog and is also a story my Mum loved to read...this little set makes me smile and its just to my left as I work xx

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  1. So lovely finds! I want one globe too, soon I am going to the flea market myself! Boy is so cute and books... are always awesome! :)


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