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Whats in a Day ?...

Whats in a day for you?.. I am about to have to admit out loud I am a mild nutter..oh now that seems harsh but what else would you call someone that juggles two kids, a dog, a house, a husband and 3 jobs with no cleaner, grandparents or home help at all?..I think mild nutter is a fair assessment. I won't moan about it as I clearly thrive on the frenetic pace of my life or I would just slow down and stop, wouldn't I?

Most mornings I either head out early for a sunrise run and am lucky enough to see the views above or rush to get the kids sorted to take them to the gym with me so I can go to a Tani "lunatic fit" Ruckle Spin Class. Two mornings a week I drop them at Daycare and take my Obi for a Track Run instead..

I then come home and start loading auctions for my eBay Trading Business my Fourth Bed is currently a lot of girlies dream room (see below) .... and often looks like this as I only sell designer clothes and high end furniture from peoples houses doing renovations.

So that takes me to lunch and then I may get a casting for a TV Commercial or a request to go see a magazine from one of my agencies, either Scoop or the Mother and Child Section of Bump Models

Then the rest of my day is researching for the upcoming website (logo design sneak peaks on the way) and sourcing/visiting the people I want to have as part of the team.. finish that off with household chores and being Mum I have just eaten up 14 hours... I have made myself tired just writing it all down but its my life and I created it...its my buzz..whats yours?


  1. wow lady, i love your buzz. i just take a large cap. to go! ;)

    xo em

  2. LOL, Em... I do now drink took my second rugrat to drive me to that need!! xx

  3. Man! That is full on. I reckon you can only do it all because you exercise. No ordinary woman could cope!!! Thanks for Rewinding x


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