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And the Winner is....

I am so glad that I found Louise as an artist for the website as I now she is going to build such a fabulous business with us by her side and I am also excited so many people entered our giveaway....its shows how much her artwork is admired...
But its time for the drum roll as the time has come to announce a winner, don't be upset if it is not you as I have another giveaway being announced here on my blog this Saturday and will be having ANOTHER one on my Facebook page at 250 likers...Sooo... the winner is..

Suzie Atkin from Urban Road

Amusingly enough Suzie is having a giveaway at the moment too so pop across and try your luck, she is a wonderful artist and I  am hoping she will be part of our website too (haven't asked her yet) xx

Here are some more of Louise's Butterfly's and do pop over to her Facebook Page to keep up to date with all her new designs (we are doing an editorial shoot for her regarding the site on Wednesday so I'll try and do some sneak peek shots there too)


  1. AAAAhhhhhh!!!! I can't believe it, I am soooo excited to be the winner of this beautiful artwork! Thank you Tessa :) And have I missed one of your posts about "the website"??? I would love to be involved in anything you put together, so count me in! Thanks again, my daughter is looking over my shoulder staking her claim already :)
    Suzie xx

  2. No I haven't made a post about it as it has been top secret until now but the word is getting out and my web designers have said I can now talk about it as we are getting close to be able to open up and invite the sellers I have spent the last two years finding on board...all will become clear soon..think I am seeing you at ABCD so will explain then..and bring your prize if you are going? xx

  3. Sounds exciting, I will be there...see you then!!

  4. Congratulations Suzie, what a beautiful prize. Enjoy!


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