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The best things come to those who deserve it....

These two boys are very close to my heart...their whole family is actually as back in my Personal Training days they were nearly all my clients and not only are they fab people but they used to train hard too (just what every PT loves)..I am so grateful that they came into my families life..

Anyhow back to the boys... I could post some brilliant pictures of them back in the day when they didn't tower over me and they were string beans (all be it very lean muscle ones) not guns of steel wearing hunks that they are today..but I won't as I just want to talk about the present not the past.

These boys always have time for you and were never full of themselves despite being amazing athletes and winning most things they competed in. Their family are the same, endlessly supportive of each other, so welcoming to all around them and the sort of family you aspire to be when you were a Mum to be as I was.

They are represented by Viviens in Sydney, Premier in the UK and have a Facebook Page even... they have shot for L’officiel Homme and met Tom Ford the other week (fingers crossed there)...soon they are off to shoot Abercrombie!!. We chatted outside the gym this morning with husby and they are so down to earth and deserve everything that is coming their way.. I am so proud of them and can only imagine what the rest of the family are feeling....It gives me shivers....So happy for you boys xx

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  1. Hello, I'm visiting via Maxabella's Grateful posts... thiese photos have certainly woken me up this morning... quite a heartstarter for an old duck like me. And you're quite right, good things do come to those who work for them, who deserve them.

  2. gorgeous photos...and subject matter! Sweet little blog here..

  3. :) what handsome young men! It's good to see good things happen to the people we care about!

  4. Gorgeous. Both of them! They sound like they are on the brink of big time. Must be inspiring to have witnessed their journey to now. I wish them the best of luck with their obvious talent :o)

  5. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on the ice skating.

    Those boys certainly look like they've got their future mapped out for them and deservedly so. Makes it even better that you were part of their lives.

    Love your blog!

    Anne @ Domesblissity


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