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Creative Space of Louise

I introduced you to Louise via my Happy 100 Giveaway and thought it would be fun to show you her creative space... she not only makes the amazing 3D Frames she also has a fabulous range of Childrens Bibs, Comforters and Cot Quilts (more on those another day)....she will be on the website when it launches so you will get to see it in all its glory but here is a sneak peak xx

Here are a few of her finished and sold works...

We are linking up over here today with the lovely kotooyoo to show off Louise's creative space.


  1. I love how it looks like the butterflies are escaping the frame! What a great space to work and sew - I need something like that!

  2. I also love the ones escaping the fram...very well done

  3. What a great work all looks so organised!

  4. They are beautiful, and look so effective. I made one of those tag toys for my niece and she loves it, they are such a clever idea and these look so much fun and colourful.:)

  5. Dear Louise,
    Everything looks so beautiful!
    Where is your space - at home??
    Would love to see you all soon,
    Love Sharon

  6. Thank you Tessa for featuring me, it makes so happy to see all your lovely responses, I'm so flattered, thank you all.
    I'm really just doing something I love, and creating beautiful things that others love and admire is so rewarding for me.
    This space is my home, spread over 3 rooms, my husband doesn't think it's so organised, but hey?! What do they say... 'Happy wife, happy life'??
    Looking forward to showing you more...
    Love to all, Louise xxxx


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