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Getting into my boys pants.....

Far too cool for school..just far too school..not me or my juvenile post header but the boxers and briefs that Stonemen sell. I found them whilst searching for an extra anniversary present to complement his yummy Uberkate. You can buy them on line or you could pop to Bondi Markets and grab some there xx



  1. i'll take the body, leave the briefs. ;)


  2. Oh yum, almost delicious as your bread ;-)

  3. Hello! Just popping over from Maxabella's grateful posts. Loving your blog and THIS post. Mmmmm, those briefs are delightful... in every possible way! :o)

  4. They are rather yummy aren't they...not as delicious as my bread Rebekah and yes Julie they are delightful in every possible is the maker who you could meet at Bondi Markets most Sundays.. I'm going to pop over at lunch today when my kids sleep x


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