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I'm a love bug...

I am grateful I am such a love bug... I have been hurt because of it as I will give everything and anything to those I love but why not?!, it is free to give and when they return it with love and support like my hubby does you are paid back ten fold!!.. I even have a Pinterest Page about it!!

My brother got engaged in Paris and now whenever I see a stunning Paris image I have to save it....could end up as a large file...but I will make something with it for their wedding day xx

I'm linking up over come join us....


  1. These are such pretty photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. A 'love bug' - what an absolutely adorable name for something that I am also proudly into. I love love, what can I say? I enjoy celebrating it and wallowing in it and adoring it. My sisters think I'm so corny, but I have never cared a jot.

    I'm off to check out your pinterest page about it too.

    Thanks for linking up, and such a gorgeous post that is dear to my heart too. x


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