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Its all an Illusion

Whilst we were away in Noosa I came across the book by Julian Beever... I have seen his 3D  Chalk Pavement Drawings before but am still amazed by them when I see them again and again and these sort of things are made to be shared..

I like to do posts about things that motivate or inspire me with their talent ..this guy just makes me smile...the hours he spends are truly worth the fantabulous result? No? xx


  1. one word...UNBELIEVABLE! Love it! x

  2. So cool! I agree, he oozes talent! I could look at those drawings all day, so much detail and effort in each one. Thanks for sharing :o)

  3. He's amazing! I'm always astonished by his great artwork. Have a delightful start of the week, Kellie xx


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