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1000 Homes of Happiness..

I first read about these over on Fionas Blog and immediately had to be part of it... The idea is just like a message in a bottle although as Jayde said that is a bit like littering the sea these days so this is an environmentally friendly version..

You e mail to request your home and you need to choose a word for this little origami house to represent, each one is unique and only released once. When you receive your house, which is exciting in itself, all you need to do is decide when and where to release it and if possible take pictures to send back to the wonderful creators at 1000 Homes of Happiness

I chose "imagine" as with us getting ready to launch our new website and the whole project having cost all our savings... I am living in a world of imagination and I think without imagining what you can be you never have a chance of attaining just that... I am grateful I found this project and will release our little house the day we launch our website and hope our website brings as much joy to those who visit it as Kellie's idea has given to me...


  1. I adore Kellie's concept and blog. She is a superstar. We have had a little 'Wonder' house sitting on our fridge for months now. I keep forgetting to take it on journeys where 'wonder' might be apparent. But the truth is, that I secretly think it's perfect 'wonder'ful right on my fridge. The kids and I often talk about it. It brings a little wonder into our home every day.

    Hmmmmmm... maybe that's my post for now and then one day I will do the right thing and 'release' him into the wild...!

  2. that is so lovely - i love your word choice! x

  3. Thank you! It is so lovely now seeing this little home through your eyes. I adore this word...lovely choice.

    I look forward to seeing the launch of your website and can't wait to see where this little home is released. We will link up with you then.

    p.s - I have been having a peek around your blog...just beautiful. I think your little home gorgeous!

    Chat soon.

    Kellie xox

  4. What a lovely idea :)

    (popped over from Maxabella)


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