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And Action.....

This week we bailed out of our house nice and early to allow Opts to take over a shoot a TV Ad in here.... The kids thought it was great and we even came home to fabulous free dinner form the catering crew... Oh and I am loving they paid us of course which made it a fab day all round!! xx

The Kitchen was Make up..

Time for us to depart...

We invaded the Bishops and after a morning scootering we made a mini cinema and everyone settled in for lunch

Tech Stuff

Dinner is served!!


  1. Oh i hope to build a home one day ads can be made in, how exciting for you!! I went to school with lots of girls who'd bring in magazines & free products from features & ads filmed at their homes, amazing!! It was quite the status symbol for the mummies at the school gate. Love Posie

  2. Now I know where you live - I drove past your house the other day and saw them setting up the dolly track and wondered if someone was filming an ad. You are opposite the convenience store, right? I've always admired your house and drive past it at least twice a day! How funny. Who produced your ad? Was it Kate Albert?

  3. LOL Mel..yep that's us!!.. I went to a party at my next door neighbours yesterday and someone was talking about our house and said it was her dream house.. I was so shy when I had to say I lived next door bur secretly pretty proud!! now you know where I am do pop in!!..Not sure of producer, chucked the call sheet xx

  4. Wow...that's so cool!!! You will have to let us know what add it is so I can keep an eye out.
    Suzie xx


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