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And the Winner is....

Time to announce the winner of my blog design makeover...the Random Generator came up with number 2 so it was first in best dressed as..

Maxabella has won!!

Shame I didn't get the karmic energy payback and win her amazing giveaway yesterday but maybe another time ;). Seen as it is her I am Grateful Link Up Day today I think I will just pop over and let her know that way... pop on over too for some fab link ups...

Maxabella my sweet can you message me your details and I will have Melina get in touch, Congratulations my dear xx


  1. No way! WAAAAAY! Thanks so much Tessa.

    I'm off to do a little happy dance!


  2. Awww what's not to be grateful for about that, eh? ;-) Nice one.


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