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Creative Kitchen Space...

Not much creativity goes on in my kitchen as a whole... I cook well and consistently but I am more a stodge cooker, oh that's mean.. lets go for clean and simple basics?!. Whichever, I take no offence at my name calling but I am not a GOURMET!!....However....

......last week I was creating for my Lil Ladies B Day and she causes me to have outbursts of prolific domestic goddess moments

We started with Mini Bunting

The 4th Bedroom was my designing zone

Practice Desert Table makes for a much easier B Day Morning

1st Pink Layer for the Cake

Baking two at a time for speed

Best part..licking the spoon...

Making Teddy Racers

Ta Da!!

White Choc and Strawberries is such a fab combo

Time to cream the cake...Rosewater Buttercream

5 Layers Done

Not bad....

The final product x


  1. Look at you go!!! That is amazing!!!
    I love those angry teddy racers i have never seen them before.

  2. That is totally unbelievable!

    Soooooo professional.

    I seriously think catering is your next forte.

    have a great day


  3. What a fab looking party! I am sure it was enjoyed by all:) Cyndy

  4. Oh my goodness! That is glorious! Is that a pink cake in different shades of pink?! How beautiful! Well done! *s*

  5. You know I loves me a party and you have done such a fabulous job, Tessa. Lucky Lil Lady, happy birthday to you!

    Will email... x

  6. Wowee! Where to start. Love all of it...especially the little teddy's in the car!



  7. What an adorable party - and I love the teddy racers, so cute!

  8. I love the teddy trains! (are they trains?) - they are adorable. it's my first time visiting here, i hope you don't mind a new follower. x

  9. Those teddy racers are fantastic. Am trying to think of a reason for me to make them very soon... hmmm. A friend's 45th next week? I think so. Love the pink cake too - I have done the rainbow version but am itching to do one that's a little more elegant. Hope you all had a wonderful birthday!

  10. That looks like a party I'd like to go to. Add me to the teddy racer fans.

  11. What a beautiful table!
    - the teddy racers are great!

  12. looks fabulous. those teddy racers are just too cute. i'm planning on making some soon. x

  13. so impressive... i feel both inadequate yet very inspired...


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