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Instagram Friday...

I passed this Magnolia in full bloom and just had to take a picture, the soft hues from the Jacadi Store (I enter it a lot but have never purchased..maybe one day) behind only accentuated it's beauty..

One of my all time favourite things is when I leave the room and return to my kids cuddled up on the sofa ( they are normal and fight a fair bit but they also cuddle really well!! )

My lovely Mother in law sent me 'n' husby a fab bread making book with a fab linen tea towel wrapped around it ..get baking husby...;)

I did a round of mini loaves as a try out for Kitty's B day in 2 weeks...that pink is not very consistent but they tasted fab..

 Kids at favourite one is scooter boy himself and bottom is the game "How to train a dragon"....Poor Husby x

This is my Instagram Friday Roundup of my week just gone by....I am linking up at Life Rearranged today and also letting Jade know about the things I am loving.
One of the things I like most about blogging is the people just share with no expectations of appreciation xx


  1. Hello

    thank you - they are very smile provoking photos.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead


  2. Those wee loaves look so cute!!

  3. i am just new to instagram but i'm loving it so far. and i agree those loaves look gorgeous. i like the way the colour's worked out, it's so subtle. x


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