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My Sweet Prints...

Janette is the sort of person you would be lucky to have in your life and her designs really match her personality... She is also one of our sellers to be on the site.. My Sweet Prints will be a popular one that is for sure and as we are not planning to duplicate any stores on our site I hope she is ready to be busy!!

The Bedtime Bus Roll already has a place in my home and The Home Sweet Home is next on the list for sure...

 We used the ones above during our editorial shoots last week along with the bedtime bus roll so they will be pride of place for the first few weeks when our website launches

The World Map and Word Puzzle are another two of my favourites and my best buddy just bought the green one above for a Baby Shower (don't know the sex so perfect colour!!)

I am looking forward to working with Janette as she seems a fabulous soul and I know she will look after her customers well, She is the sort of person you would love to have a coffee with Amy xx


  1. Oh shucks! Thanks Tessa, this post was a lovely surprise. I'm really looking forward to working with you on Down that Little Lane - very exciting!
    Have a great day and thanks again,

  2. These are beautiful! The colours, font, design, everything, just gorgeous! I especially love the first four... going to check out Janette's range now :o)

  3. oh this is really my kind of style! i found some really pretty ones in urban outfitters £10 for 2 so i might get them to frame my new illustrations, thanks for this post love your blog

  4. Love all these - hard to pick one. Great for kid's bathroom as well.

  5. Love Janette...and her prints. Great post!
    Suzie xx


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