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Tamed? Not Likely.....

I am no mad Kate fan (bit to skinny for me or is that just the jealousy speaking?!) but she was just hitting it big when I was modelling in London and met her quite a few times...she was a down to earth total Londoner and very calming to be around. She looks so gorgeous in her wedding pics, just strolling through the local town, not a care for who sees and no tents, umbrellas or the likes to shield out the real world..

But one of my all time favourite things is that she is still a party girl...I have always loved getting a little "wild" and whilst my clubbing days have come to a bit of a halt for the last few years I certainly plan to get them back..

Some of my all time dream boat photographers..

Oh Marc not only do I love your are toooooo hot!!

What do they say? Leopards never change their spots?


  1. I did love her effortless looking wedding. Was she married before?? I think getting married young is the way to go, but when my husband & i get married again (for our 20th wedding anniversary, more as a "this is love" declaration to our 4 children) we will do it quite differently, obviously, not a first wedding & full on guest list & dress, but very classic & open & fun. Mind you, our first wedding some 14+ years ago was very suitable to our situation - young, happy, free & in my parent's front garden (think massive rose gardens, marquee & tonnes of flowers). Ah, dreamy weddings, we should do them often, love Posie

  2. I don't think she ever married Jefferson who was father to her little girl.. We had planned to get re married at our 10th but that is next year and I think we will be a little busy and incredibly cash strapped at that time with our website launching soon but maybe at 15 (which will be 20 years actually together) and I want a massive informal party with a beach blessing for sure (our first sounded like yours but with a church stuck on the front)..oh to do them more often xx

  3. There's something about Kate Moss that makes me love her. She's always so fashionably boho and relaxed!

    I really like these photos, I think for my next wedding (which won't be for a very long time I can imagine lol) ...I would love to have something a lot less formal and traditional, maybe a picnic type get-together or even Vegas!

  4. For me Kate has great style and I love the party girl in her. I thought her dress was stunning, so perfect for her. Would have been one fun wedding party to be a part of!!

  5. Mel@Georgica Pond11 July 2011 at 11:22

    I've never been a big Kate fan and have always struggled to see what the fuss was about her. But she did look effortlessly beautiful and relaxed and accessible on her wedding day, and refreshingly so. In fact she looked like any other madly in love, deliriously happy bride, if that's possible. Makes a nice change. from all the ridiculous cloak and dagger secrecy some celebs go on with, usually because they've sold the rights to a magazine and have to protect the copyright. I just love weddings anyway, always so hopeful and pretty.


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