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They do it nice Up North..

My hubby is a Northener, UK Northener that is and whilst I would always say I preferred London there are some amazing spaces to be found further up and the houses have such great light..

That sign is...can't even find a word to describe my excessive swooning..

Oh to have a creative space this large..

Love those pale green tiles...

That light through the window and THAT bed!!..yummo

Colour Coded Books AND Theatre Chairs!!

This house has treasures around every corner..

Roaring fire one end (see below) and stunning sunlight the other (see two down) really does not get any better for me..oh sorry the brown leather sofas make it a hat trick

This house is in Bristol and I saw it on AT ages and ages ago but forgot to post it. I often feel like I have no real style as I love so many but I suppose you just adapt to the house you wishing I could change houses yearly to fulfill all my designing dreams!! xx


  1. You are correct - they are unique in all their designs.

    I love that there is always something to look at.
    the accessorising is always brilliant - (even if we call them dust collectors - they are all set in a very pretty and unique ways).

    Lovely post again



  2. Oh wow, it's gorgeous, chunky, classic, cosy & all round solid style choices, you need not stick to a theme, this is fantastic!! Love Posie

  3. Those theatre chairs are awesome! Great images

  4. That bathroom in the first photo is so pretty, and I absolutely adore those lovely aqua green tiles. I've been pining for something like that in the kids' bathroom, but they are so expensive here. Beautiful post. Go the Brits!


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