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Truly Scrumptious...

I have been bookmarking all sorts of ideas for my little ladies upcoming 4th Birthday and OMG you could go soooo overboard but I will stay calm and collected and stick within my means.....I can cook but no Nigella Domestic Goddess activity in this house that is for sure...

Kitty is having a grey and pink colour scheme so wants a pink cake with chocolate frosting... I would love to do a mega layered one like below but am thinking just two layers in the pink like below but frosted as above with a yummy latte brown ....pretty sure anything will pass but I don't need a melt down from the birthday girl because I didn't stick to the rules....and oh yes she can be a full on brat if she decides to be so (not often but Jees ...when she does?!)

I have got some fab grey striped straws for drink bottles and so wanted to do glass ones like below but am too scared as we have a few 2 year olds coming so I have got plastic poppers and will just take the tops off and label them all...not quite the same but better than a trip to emergency!!

I will 100% do the ones here and am going to do cookie pops I think but those apple pie of ice cream cookie ones look good too?!

I really won't need any other sweet treats but am very tempted by these last two.. snickers tiny teddy racing anyone?... or Oreos and cookie dough cookies?!

And I am really tempted to re design this and have it on the front door...if my invites don't think it is funny they really shouldn't bother coming in huh?!

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What do you think?... I'm now off to make myself a coffee and share with Amy  then get on the hunt for desert table layouts...such a hard life pottering through yummy blogs xx


  1. What a clever funny pretty post, now do I have any chocolate in the house?!

  2. How funny that you happen to pop over for this post as I omitted to add the fact the Theme is "Belle and Boo" but you already know that as I asked if you were ok with me tracing Boo to use as a colouring in competition... Will post pics after party but my newly framed Royal Parade poster is going above the desert table xx

  3. everything looks divine... though i like the snicker teddy bear cars best :) and they don't require baking!!!

  4. LOVE IT. I am so excited about the racing teddies and can't wait to make them. So cool. x

  5. Those cakes look fabulous! I must say, those oreo cookies are looking mighty delicious too. Yummy post!

    If you have 5 Minutes to spare I'd love it if you could pop by and visit my blog, 5 Minutes Just for Me. I'm hosting a give away sponsored by a Queensland Designer and it's fabulous!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,


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