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A week in an Instagram....

Trying out being Daddy...
Just crusin' with the boys...

as we had to go....

to the laundry as our washing machine broke ;(
I laughed at Louise's husby when I saw it but now want one...
Coffee and a nice surprise to be in an intended sellers newsletter
Finally a visit to Little Paper Lane....oh you must go xx
My Birthday Girl in her Party Dress

Oh and Mon Tresor has featured our Party on her blog today too....feel funny to see it anywhere other than on my computer!!. I will do one soon too xx


  1. Kitty is so gorgeous!
    And those iphone phone handset things are so cool!
    I think I'd like one too, even just to remember the feel of the old-school phones.
    Have a great day Tessa,

  2. What a gorgeous family you have made here, just a delight to see & that phone handset is too cool, i have seen them around on line but never anyone using one. Happy birthday in your household. Love Posie

  3. Your babies are beautiful..and I checked out the party images on Mon Tresor...MAGNIFICENT...what an amazing job you did...looks awesome lovely x

  4. I adore Little Paper Lane and I think I am also nearly sold on Instagram. I think I am missing out! x

  5. I love the photos - they are totally suitable for printing and framing in a collage theme.

    I adore the party dress and scooter!

    How did the party and all that glorious food go Miss Masterchef?



  6. Gorgeous pictures! Love that pretty little scooter. Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx


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