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Yell for Cadel..

I am a Brit, Born and Bred and I do love my home land so so much BUT I have been in Australia for 11 years and have two little Vegemite Kids.. I have my Citizenship and I sometimes wonder if I am an Aussie or a Brit these days. 

The Tour De France decided that for me. I sat up many nights, cup of coffee in hand ... Massive cycling fan and truly inspired by what these men can achieve but the clincher was how hysterically excited I got for Cadel and how teary I have been every single time I see him on the podium with the Australian National Anthem being sung.....Sookie La or Proud Aussie?... I am going Proud Aussie...there I said it...

In Celebration I did a Yell for Cadel Etsy Treasury...

I did another treasury a while back which do you prefer? I am going to ask Sarah over at Beach Cottage xx


  1. Not sure how chic all that spandex cycling gear is... but you've made tour de France yellow look oh so tempting here! As a much more recent transplant in Australia, I'm beginning to share the national sporting excitement. So happy to have 'discovered' your blog... it's a real gem!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  2. Cadel Evans!!! : ) MY husband is way into the Tour de France and I love watching it with hi. I thought it was so cool that an Aussie won for the first time, too : ) I love your collection, especially the phone, the bike bag and the onesie!

  3. That yellow babygrow with the bike on...genius. I'm off to purchase that one now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog crazy that Bath is such a mecca for your familly and friends! We used to live on The Circus, two minutes from the Crescent and I go to Mr B's all the time. It's a brilliant shop.

    Love your blog. So happy to have found it xx

  4. Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing it at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  5. You have very cool stuff out here. like the Eiffel tower with bike lamp shade design and the yellow pillow too.

  6. I really like the yellow mailbox! It has such a cool vintage character.


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