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You could knock me down with an Uberkate feather...

Its my daughters B Day tomorrow so my week has been spent trying to fit preparations around a hectic "website soon to launch" schedule, it has been fun but a little bit manic. Husby is home this week so I have been hanging with him too which is scrumdidly to say the least but back to the point... today we were Pinata hunting and I had a parcel to pick up from the GPO....he was very keen.. I am there often so didn't really care....OMG yes I so did when I got it!!

First thing I saw was an Uberkate return postage stamp... I sprinted back to the car and was about to go mildly but ecstatically ballistic on him for replacing my lost Ubers when he shut me up by saying it's not me.... MUM you so naughty but MUM you rock, I am so grateful I have you in my life xx

I cannot wipe the grin from my face and I am not sure who's idea it was but Kate has also stamped "te amo sempre" on the back of my hubby's circle (along with our wedding date) which is in her fabulous cursive font and matches his ring I got him back in May ..the font is the same but the message on mine means I will love you always and is what we have on our wedding rings

I am hoping Kate will come on our site as the exclusive personalised jeweller and will be asking her for sure ( I have mentioned it already to her) as she is the one and only person that makes these sort of pieces to the standard that we will be requiring to be on the site and they really are the most treasured pieces you will ever come one else compares xx


  1. I just love that you used the word "scrumdidly." Totally makes me happy! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter for tomorrow, she shares the same day as me. Sandy x

  3. Wow, it's your daughter's birthday, but you've scored the best present! Well done you! What a thoughtful mum.
    Happy birthday to your little girl.
    Rach x

  4. Woweee, love, love this necklace! What a thoughtful present. Wishing your little lady a very happy birthday.

    Kellie xox

  5. Gorgeous! I have one of these on my wish list...

  6. Oh that is gorgeous! I have seen the said items on a few mums and they look gorgeous! You look lovely in yours and the sentiment is truly beautiful.

  7. they are delightful, and so special with such personal touches


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