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Whats in a Name?

Do you think a name can effect the sort of person a child grows into?.. It's a massive decision for parents and its funny when people discuss what different names mean to them as they can be such polar opposites.

My daughter is Kitty Jasmine White ( a name I consider quite feminine, ignore the White bit) and she is into Toy Story, Cars, being a Pirate or a Superhero and is crap at ballet and couldn't care what she is dressed in each day at age 4. This does not shock me in the slightest as I grew up under a race car helping my Dad's mechanic fix stuff and owned a skateboard and BMX ( I had lots of Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and a few Care Bears but I think that was as girly as I got) I reckon they just wear a name not develop it.

My Son is Harrington Kingsley White (he's just a normal little fella but at only 2.5yrs we will see)... I actually think his name sounds like a pompus aristocrat if you use it in its full version but the Harrington is my Maiden name, the Kingsley is his Dad's family middle name (5 other brothers with the same) so we love his name as it forms our new little family. Ironically as he gets called Hazzle and Harry all the time I think his actual USED name sounds like a naughty schoolboy which I fear will be much closer to the truth!!

What are your kids names? Do their personalities match them? 

that would be me in my Dads Racing Car....

Pinterest Party....

I love Vignettes, Nooks, Spaces or even Corners. Why? to fill with....stuff  treasured, memory evoking, make me smile, I could stare at it for hours pieces... I would like a bigger house just simply for that... yummy space to have ever changing little corners xx

I need to visit....

Just cute!!..Love anything with Scandanavian Design Feel...

The Falseness of Make Up

OK Maxabella this post is all your fault and I will try to go more controversial on my next "inspired by you" post

Carmen...still modelling..I love her simple style, classic make up and un dyed hair!!

So the falseness of Make Up...I understand why people wear it as who doesn't look better with a bit of slap on?! but what about the idea of never leaving the house without your full face done?.. Is that you?. I regularly do so and OK I admit my reason is probably that I am a time poor, lazy bugger that knows hubby would still keep me made up or not but wouldn't all our partners?. Who are we actually doing it for? I wear make up so infrequently that I have no remover and just have to wait until my morning shower to remove the mascara..dirty bugger? yuck? yeah whatever!! 

Christy has always been one of my favourites, natural beauty..

For me....I am a bit of a sports nut so make up doesn't go that well in a swimming pool or on a long run but whilst sweating it out in the gym I am often amazed at the amount of girls all made up. Firstly Eeewh.. I mean if you are at the gym trying to make yourself look better or even dare I say it, pull (I met and bagged my hubby at the gym) then sweaty foundation filled pores that turn into spots is NOT the way to go...

Gisele is my favourite sporty natural model..oh to have that bod!!
I aspired to be Linda in my 20's..

I have freckles and have been blessed with alright genes (I am NOT a Supermodel but it do still dabble in my other job). So in short I hardly ever wear make up... I certainly haven't bought anything other than mascara or lip gloss in a few years and when I do I go to the counter with the girl with the least make up on to buy it can someone who looks like they have been Tangoed be a good advert for cosmetics?

I mean seriously!!...

Not to be to hippyish but if they don't like you naked surely they are not worth trying to impress.. that goes for love life, work interviews...the lot. Make up creates a falseness in how you present on so many levels. Visually people don't get an even close to accurate picture of the real you and as for they way people act once they have their mask on...have any of you seen "The Only Way is Essex?" Special insider pic above*

I think I have probably not explored this the way I had intended as it goes better as a debate... I love a good backwards and forwards on a subject so unimportant... you can get really too worked up cos no-one is really right or wrong... I am grateful you made me post about something more discussion worthy Maxabella... and I may just come back here again!

A Lil bit a Fliffa...

Now we all love a bit of Ikea..I mean you can't go past the simple designs for mixing and matching with some fancy bits or thrifty finds (speaking of which I must show you my finds from last Friday). I have re painted most of our pieces in one shape or form but I came across this US lot that do it just a tad better than me!!

How cool are they!!... Check them out in full at xx

Sienna and Sidney...Creating in her Space

This is a fabulous seller we will have on board next month called Sienna and Sidney.. Sienna & Sidney was founded in 2009 after Lucy had came over from the UK to Australia with her partner and daughter Sienna. They very sadly lost Sienna in February 2010 to neuroblastoma cancer after she relapsed towards the end of 2009. With every sleepbag sold a percentage will be given to the Children's Cancer Institute of Australia for their research into neuroblastoma and they  dedicate all our work to our little girl Sienna.

Sienna and her Mum were chosen as the face off Gold Ribbon Month for David Jones and with Mum Lucy running the whole business from their home they have the busiest creative space I have ever come across xx

Wordless Wednesday.. White Light