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Coffee with Coco Republic..

What could be more divine than sitting in a cafe whose whole interior is Coco Republic for your breakfast.... well lucky me that my local has just that..

Such a cute corner nook...

Every corner has design I love....

The colour palette is just perfect
Even the outdoor seating is lush
This is where I plan to have lots more breakfasts with my hubby when we get to work together once the website can afford to employ us...soon I hope, soon xx


  1. Hi tessa

    Who wouldn't want to find a fabulous spot somewhere in amongst those photo's

    gorgeous inspiration and not cluttered for once!

    have a lovely day


  2. Oh yes how stunning!I am heading to Sydney to the Coco Repblic Design School on the weekend, I can't wait! Letitia x

  3. What a beautiful spot, Tessa. Soon indeed! x

  4. Looks lovely...if I posted photos of my local cafe it would be a stark contrast :)


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