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Come join the Party Tomorrow....Please?!

I have decided to host a Pinterest Party on Mondays. Pinterest for me is design, creative heaven....amazing eye candy for the soul ... I love a good house party so we can carry on all week. It's fancy dress of course and the theme is totally up to you... All one colour, Eclectic as anything, Glamour to the max... you may even have just one special item (picture) to show off.... the choice is yours.

Create your post any day you want and pop back to my Monday one to link up. To ensure you get invited back do join as a follower of my blog cos I can only invite "My Kinda People" and pop in anytime during the week for a boogie..


  1. Hi there, just discovered your blog! I'm also a fan of pinterest... it's my new obsession!!!! Erin x

  2. Argh, my comment got eaten, i was just saying i avoid Pinterest as i know i'd never get out again, it's too gorgeous!! Happy party though, love Posie


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