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The Falseness of Make Up

OK Maxabella this post is all your fault and I will try to go more controversial on my next "inspired by you" post

Carmen...still modelling..I love her simple style, classic make up and un dyed hair!!

So the falseness of Make Up...I understand why people wear it as who doesn't look better with a bit of slap on?! but what about the idea of never leaving the house without your full face done?.. Is that you?. I regularly do so and OK I admit my reason is probably that I am a time poor, lazy bugger that knows hubby would still keep me made up or not but wouldn't all our partners?. Who are we actually doing it for? I wear make up so infrequently that I have no remover and just have to wait until my morning shower to remove the mascara..dirty bugger? yuck? yeah whatever!! 

Christy has always been one of my favourites, natural beauty..

For me....I am a bit of a sports nut so make up doesn't go that well in a swimming pool or on a long run but whilst sweating it out in the gym I am often amazed at the amount of girls all made up. Firstly Eeewh.. I mean if you are at the gym trying to make yourself look better or even dare I say it, pull (I met and bagged my hubby at the gym) then sweaty foundation filled pores that turn into spots is NOT the way to go...

Gisele is my favourite sporty natural model..oh to have that bod!!
I aspired to be Linda in my 20's..

I have freckles and have been blessed with alright genes (I am NOT a Supermodel but it do still dabble in my other job). So in short I hardly ever wear make up... I certainly haven't bought anything other than mascara or lip gloss in a few years and when I do I go to the counter with the girl with the least make up on to buy it can someone who looks like they have been Tangoed be a good advert for cosmetics?

I mean seriously!!...

Not to be to hippyish but if they don't like you naked surely they are not worth trying to impress.. that goes for love life, work interviews...the lot. Make up creates a falseness in how you present on so many levels. Visually people don't get an even close to accurate picture of the real you and as for they way people act once they have their mask on...have any of you seen "The Only Way is Essex?" Special insider pic above*

I think I have probably not explored this the way I had intended as it goes better as a debate... I love a good backwards and forwards on a subject so unimportant... you can get really too worked up cos no-one is really right or wrong... I am grateful you made me post about something more discussion worthy Maxabella... and I may just come back here again!


  1. it is always a speical bonus meeting your other half when you are in your complete natural self. Totally agree how makeup puts a "falseness" on people.

    However I know for myself, with just a little dash of foundation, a touch of eyeliner and mascara I feel a little more human... especially with the increased dark circles under my eyes of late.

    But there are certainly days I walk out of the house with no makeup and certainly am bare when I go to gym at 7am in the morning :)

  2. Personally I tend to look like a clown in make-up....and my skin is so darn greasy it slides off, I end up with panda eyes within a few hours of putting on mascara and wearing any lippy makes me look like I've been eating a lolly with my hands tied behind my back !!

  3. Yay, not sure if it's my age (36) or that my first pregnancy (23), while wrapping up Uni (2 degrees, i was bloody busy) i have only ever worn make up to work or out to dinner, not to the school run, shops or the gym - hell no, love Fernwood, we're natural in there!! I don't have fantastic skin or natural glowing beauty but i've never been self conscious about having to wear make up. My sister, 3 years older, was a ballerina, model, theatre actor etc, talk about caked on make up with a trowel, it put me off, i was busy sweating it out, i mean, glowing like a lady, playing sport. I like simple make up if/ when i do & after 4 babies & years of living in tropical Darwin where everything slides off your face anyway, i still rarely dabble with make up, certainly not foundation.
    I want to encourage my girls to be as natural as possible. My high schooler said some of the year 7 girls wear make up to school, SCHOOL, really?? That young?? How does their skin breathe?? She keeps her skin clear (bit of Clinique 3 step) not covered in foundation, thank goodness. Plus they have gorgeous cheekbones & olive skin (my pale girl embraces her pale skin as unique from her siblings & her freckles). I'm all about clean, natural & what my husband terms 'false advertising' unlike my sister who i'm sure her husband has never seen her make up free, OMG, maintenance!! Love Posie

  4. My Mum is one of those women who would rather die than leave the house without makeup on. And from about 17 she'd say to me 'you didn't put any mascara on?' before I left the house. So I always felt like I wasn't pretty enough to go without a bit of make up on. I've changed my self perception And a bit of mascara, tinted moisturizer w SPF for my lily white skin and some gloss is my usual. Great post Tessa!

  5. I always wear a little make up. A touch of powder, mascara and lip gloss. Just makes me feel ready to take on the world.
    I do love getting all 'prettified' when I go out on 'date night' or with friends too. But my style is more natural and enhancing rather than full, thick over done. Yuk!

  6. Ha janette my mum was one who would beg me to "at least put some lipstick on" before leaving the house. I wish I could be bothered with makeup ... But Tessa I am pretty much exactly like you!

  7. I love make up - it's a fun way to make myself feel ready to face the world. I like colourful eye shadows and lipsticks. In saying that though, I don't use make up all the time - a bottle of foundation has been known to last longer around here than it's use-by date. I use make up more as an expression of my personality - bright, colourful and cheerful.

  8. I love a good skin. It's a great base for makeup but it's easier to have good skin for those days that you don't have the time to put on makeup. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  9. I don't do make up much at all. No way would I consider make up for the school run. When not I maternity leave I would regularly go to work without any make up on. I'd rather sleep that extra 15 minutes than worry about makeup.

    I do wear make when 'going out' but even then I don't go all out.

  10. I have to admit I wear makeup every day and rarely go out without it on. Not a lot, just a smear of tinted foundation, mascara, a bit of bronzer and lipgloss. Never leave home without perfume either. Call me vain, but I know I look better with a little coverage and it makes me face the world with greater confidence. I do however love the occasion to get dressed up and go to town with my makeup. I usually focus on the eyes and various eyeshadows, so heavy eyes, smokey eyes, shimmery eyes etc. It's great fun and I know the result is an improvement. You're lucky you have such a naturally gorgeous face and amazing bone structure and smile, you can get away with wearing nothing! Cow !

  11. Mel... you can give me lessons then.. I love your make look natural and gorgeous x

  12. You intro gave me a little chuckle, Tessa and your post did take me by surprise. I should know you well enough by now, but knowing you are a model I just wrongly assumed that you would be pro-make up. But if course, you're not. You are lovely like that - not a stereotype at all.

    I like to slap the slaP when I go out, but other times there is no time. Traveling changed me like that. I went from the full face every day kind of girl to the not very often kind of girl. I'm comfy in my skin, but I'm aware that it's almost impossible to look completely "groomed" without a big of make up. But then, what am I, a horse!?


  13. Oh yes. Hearing you! I wear make up once a week if I'm lucky, but relish in make up free days. Mostly because packed on make up never looked good, plus having to take it off every nIght would be such a drag! Xx


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