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Going , Going, Gone

I went to an auction the other week, it was at the house to which all the items belonged owned by a 90year old man that used to be named "The Duchess of Cremorne"...The house (which was a talking point in itself) was sold and this was for the contents (all of them..vacuum cleaner included) and his EXTENSIVE Art Collection..

His House..

The Duchess Himself
 At the time it seemed really sad to be at a deceased estate auction but once I read his story I realised he had led the most amazing life and had died just the way he wanted and would most certainly have wanted someone else to take pleasure in all his gorgeous purchases.

My friend Louise told me about it  and she was hoping to pick up some aboriginal art whilst I was there hoping to bag a bargain on a Bromley. I am not sure if we were naive or the fact that it was essentially in Mosman where lots of people have more money than sense but we know our prices and all the aboriginal pieces, Bromleys (yes plural as there were many) and even the two Jasper Knights sold for well over what you can get them for on the open market.

This was stunning and was a bargain at $4000
Love David's Belinda..
I cockney rhyme we call this "My China"

There were a few more quirky artists that went for a song like a Zhong Chen worth $24,000 that went for $11,000 but far out who has $11,000 to spend in the first place....not me!!.

Zhong Chen.. I liked it and was huge but $11k..err no x
I have bagged some amazing bargains on eBay over the years (Jimmy Possum Sofa RRP $12,000, my cost... $3,000 and only $1,700 after I flogged my old sofa and chair) it takes some searching and often takes time but I think I will stick to that method from now on ;)

My one that got away....
Anyone had a success story at an auction? I'd love to hear about it...


  1. Hi there Tessa

    I hear you re the price tags (even though they were a bargain).

    I love (and I mean love) to have a rummage at any garage sale, ebay, school fete, trash & treasure etc, etc... I am always on the hunt for that something :)
    What is it - well I don't know, but I love it when I find it.
    I am not into clutter so it has to be right for me what ever it is.

    I have snapped some amazing bargains over the years - it doesn't always happen but I have certainly got some great keepers (my collection of large antique french white jugs have been wonderful to have found the story behind them from the owners).

    Tessa - thank you, a great post and I can imagine how amazing this man would have been to have shared a cup of tea with.

    have a lovely Friday


  2. Wow this IS SOME HOUSE! Amazing! That 4000$ painting is great and yay I know how to paint those, it took me only 3 years to figure it out.

    the link to my etsy shop is there, it just didnt look like a link. In case you want to see it, please visit:

    Thanks for visiting my blog back! Im glad I found your blog and it is nice to meet a Sydney-sider ;-)

  3. I so wish I could have been at this one. What did the Bromleys fetch? x

  4. Oh , the house is just... wonderful , I wish I also had a house like this! Maybe next life... :)

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