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Life with my other Family...

OK This was the last in our series of Birthday Parties for the next few months... I love my Mothers Group and have made the best of friends there but far out this month is just sugar overload which means big headaches and lots of come downs!!

I am so grateful I have my extended family over here and love having them in my life...they make it a better place xx


  1. another gorgeous party! photos are lovely and the sweet treats look delicious. love the cake!

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  3. The food is a triumph! Check out that Nemo cake.

    I think Finding Nemo is still my fave Pixar movie. Best characters ever. x

  4. What beautiful photo's and memories. x

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  6. Such pretty pics and yummy things!!

  7. How lovely! Looks like the kids had a blast! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  8. Hi There Tessa :) (3rd time lucky)

    sorry for alllllllll the confusion today and wrong person too

    have a great weekend ahead and I think I need a panadol OR a wine with the mix up I have had

    my apologies again

    (lovely photos by the way - I think the mother has done one of the best jobs I have ever seen for a party :)



  9. thanks tess, for posting! I'm so glad that's the last of bubble bees and finding nemo... let's see what they ask for next year! lol.. xx
    ps: thanks to you ladies for your lovely comments too as it took 4hrs to make that cake ;)

  10. love the party pics! enjoy your time with your family! xx


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