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Mr. Essentials...

Ok so a close friend comes and tells me about his old school mate who has a mens skin care range that might be something I would like to have on the website (the word is out amongst my mates that I only do the best of the best and am incredibly picky) so I was pretty excited to take a look see as mens skin care is a heavily neglected area... I pop over to the site and not only am I greeted with a rather hunky dory looking owner George but he has packaging to match and product ethics that out shine BOTH!!!

I have been chatting with George since and we look forward to having him on the site for the September launch. I can't wait to get some of his products for hubby to have on display in the bathroom....Love a bit of silver me x


  1. I know how hard it is to find great products for Men, my store has a little section totally dedicated to them. Beautiful Blog! x

  2. yep they will go in my shopping cart come september. My Si has more products than me! lol x

  3. Wow they are really sexy! I'm always swayed by nice packaging and mens' products never seem to look attractive enough to display. But these look great, as does their creator! Maybe a few good stocking fillers amongst them.

  4. Sexy packaging. I reckon even my husbie might put down the Cetaphil and give these a whirl!! x


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