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My week in Instagram....

Cleaning the car with the kids

My littles ganging up on Dad to push him off the bed!!
My gorgeous God Daughter in the park

Out on a Bush Run with my Obi

Me 'n' teddy waiting for coffee, the boys bonding..
Milkshakes and the best Beach Cafe ever
Yes I exist... I often wonder when I look thru my pics!
and below is a trip to Powerhouse Museum..was crap but loved the tram rolls x


  1. Love your've reminded me to take more myself! K xx

  2. beautiful pics. I can totally relate to wondering if I exist when I look through my pics. I have always been the main photographer in the family, but now moreso than ever. I need to remember to be included more. Thanks for sharing your week!

  3. you've totally saved me from a trip to the Powerhouse Museum this weekend...its one place I haven't taken Jacq to yet...but probably shouldn't bother?

    Your babies are beautiful...including your furry four legged one.

    Great happy snaps! x

  4. @ Kerri.... I snap away everyday on my phone then just pop them in a "whatever " album on my computer.. fab for mini albums at Chrissy for the relatives back home..
    @ sannah... yes you have to remember t pass the camera over or start doing good self portraits!
    @ Anna.. I emailed you but yes steer clear or waste $25 odd xx


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